Thursday, January 21, 2016


Voice recording 1: 

We tried to illustrate what's in the voice recording without any add ons or incorrect translation. Sumbee's father found 2 voice records on Sumbee's phone which had recorded on a day that he murdered.

All sources credited to Uncensored Talk TV show.

Today I held as a hostage. They threatened my younger siblings, said that they will harm them. I recognized them, they are  the same people who had held me as a hostage before. I do not know what's the reason, I have no idea what's really happening. If the policemen  did their job better, it wouldn't have happened. I would not be in this situation. Policemen not doing their job, just wasting time, looking for small bicker instead of focusing on the bigger problem. Seems like these fuckers, have set their mind, wanting to kill me. I think I'll be killed…

Voice recording 2:

People with the boat are coming x3

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