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        Before we start, we would like to give you some information on Tost Mountain. Tost mountain is located in Gurvantes soum, Umnugobi, Mongolia. Gurvantes is one of the biggest territorial and unique locational districts of Mongolia that is 2.8 million square and the population is 10 thousand. 
      According to the experts, Tost Mountain is the main habitat of the mountain leopards. Furthermore, the place around of Tost Mountain is the important source that maintains the eco-system and habitant of the Central Asian desert region. It means if Tost Mountain`s eco-system is changes, the Central Asian desert region is going to in unbalanced might even destroyed forever. That's why an International organization, The Nature Conservancy evaluated the Mongolian south desert region and announced the Tost and Toson Bumba Mountains should be protected because of the ecological importance of the region.
        As of a snow leopard, it is an endangered animal. According to scientist, there are only 3500 in worldwide, about 900 left in Mongolia. The Tost Mountains is not that big area, but its habitat of 22-25 snow leopards which means Tost Mountains has the highest density of snow leopard in the world.  Their main diet is an ibex and over 1000 population identified during research survey, therefore the Tost Mountain has registered as Local Protected area in 2010. 
Right now, there are 4 active coalmining companies are operating around the Tost Mountain. In addition to that, 4 other coalmining companies are going to start developing their project soon. Besides these 8 coalmines, there are 26 exploration and 18 mining licenses total 44 licenses were issued. Since 2010, the local people of Gurvantes in South-Gobi have been protesting against issuing the mining licenses at Tost and Toson Bubma Mountain regions and appealed to the government a petition to register the Tost Mountain as a National Preserved Park. (, ) 
Sources by: Playing with snow leopard, Documentary Film 
But in the most density populated area of Tost Mountain, there are 22 mining licenses were given, even though it has been registered as Local Protected area.  
The 22 snow leopard and the 22 mining licenses!!!!!! 
Sumbee fought to save those 22 leopards as well as locals in Tost mountain, Umnu-Gobi. Therefore, local people started petition to government to register the Tost Mountain as the National Reserved Park. Unfortunately, there is NO ANSWER TILL THIS DAY. 

To waste, to destroy our natural resources, to skin and exhaust the land instead of using it so as to increase its usefulness, will result in undermining in the days of our children the very prosperity which we ought by right to hand down to them amplified and developed.

Sumbee fought to protect those wildlife and a precious Mother nature.

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