Thursday, January 21, 2016


In 2009, he joined to camera trapping team as a student intern in the South Gobi to assist with the long-term ecological study on snow leopards (LTES).

Sumbe was hired full time in 2012 and became the primary Research Associate for Snow Leopard Trust’s Long-term Ecological Study (LTES) in Mongolia, and also conducted research throughout Mongolia for Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation (SLCF), the partner organization to Snow Leopard Trust.

2010-2015 Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation's manager and biologist
2010-2015 Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation's manager and biologist

Snow leopard's main diet. He is the first ever biologist in Mongolia
 who had conducted  a major  research on snow leopard's
main diet ibex using the method of double-observer counts.

Herdsmen' insurance for endangered-livestock that had been attached by snow leopard.

He organized the program to resolve conflicts between wildlife and locals, 
to give better understanding and information to locals on snow leopard and their behavior.

Automatic camera research
Snow leopard eco-summer camp

Co-operating project in Ih Nart, National Reserved park for  
wild-sheep collaring project

Skills enhancement and professional development course 

Snow leopard and cubs on site research

Research materials and author of papers on prey abundance and 
co-author of scientific papers that focused on snow leopard research.

Here is Sumbee"s published research papers: 

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