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There had been 3 major PHYSICAL ATTACK happened prior to his death.


In May, 2014, around Zaluuchuud hotel, after the sun down, he was attached by 4 anonymous perpetrators, got stabbed around his neck and arm. Due to losing so much flood, he left unconscious and those 4 perpetrators fled from the crime scene probably thinking he is died already. Around 4-5 am in the morning, he came back to sense and barely made it home and his younger sibling took him to the hospital.
At the hospital he underwent to a surgery to close those open wound he got from stabbing and his father learnt what happened to his son Sumbee, from his second son and sent his mother from Hatgal, Huvsgul, to be with him while he recovers. As of the 1st attack, Sumbee and his family had no idea who or why it happened to him, they just thought it as some gang members around the neighborhood were playing too hard which is typical in some big city neighborhood, so they just ignored it as just a very unfortunate accident, but the family made sure that the hospital kept clear report on what happened. Sumbee stayed quiet, didn’t report to a police about the attack, because he was awarded a grant from CREO and preparing to travel to the United States for his work project (SLCT) and was busy with completing all those documents for visa process. After the attack, he delayed his travel time till July, 2014 which originally planned as of in May.
 Also once he told his co-worker about the attack that he doesn’t really remember anything because it happened in such a short period of time, and just remembering that anonymous 4 men came forward to him around the corner of the building, grabbed him from his arms, made him immobile and stabbed around his neck and arm area, therefore he lost lot of blood and left unconscious. 

All above written are taken from this short video which we tried to illustrate what Sumbee's father and his co-worker talking about HIS FIRST ATTACK on Uncensored Talk show, C1 TV, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

All sources credited to Uncensored Talk TV show.


In 2015, Sumbee came to the city from his worksite at Gurwan Tes sum for work assignment; after his work is done for the day, he was heading to 5th school area, around 5-6pm in the early evening, (very busy traffic time), suddenly 2 black cars stopped in front of him and 2 men came towards, grabbed him in a second and forced him into a black car and drove somewhere rural area seems like some kind of construction site. They blocked his visual, he was not able to see anything, and they took wallet and cell phones and abducted him. 
Once the car stopped, abductors started to terrorize and threaten him. Anonymous 2 men terrorized him saying "You think you are the shit in South Gobi, you think you are the big man in the Tost Mountain, but you are nothing, you are nobody, we control everything, we have all the authorities, so you better shut the fuck up." Since he was not resisting so much, they stopped threating him. After a few hours of threating him, they put him in the car again and head back to the city, dropped him in some place, later he told his father that it might be around Urt-Tsagaan Street, they told him that “Run, and never look back.”

He was so scared and terrified, run as fast as he can to as far as he can go. After the abduction he called his mother and told her that he is coming home, but his mom knew that something was wrong because of his tone of voice, asked him what happened, but he started crying and just said he wanted to come home as soon as possible. Because of the previous stabbing attack his parents were very much shocked and modified that something happened to their son and wanted him to stop all his work and come home for good.

He stayed home all day, trying to avoid from people interactions, feeling very terrified, still in so much shock from what happened, wanting to go back home for his parents as soon as possible, and as soon as sun went down a little bit around 6 pm, he called a taxi to take him to the bus stops where all buses go to Murun, Huwsgul province where is his home is. Thankfully, he got the first ride home, and came at Murun at 7 am in the morning. From Ulaanbaatar to Murun, Huwsgul province, it is almost 950km, (590.3 miles), and it takes 12-14 hours by car. Once he came to Murun, he called his mother and his mother told him to stay at her sister-in-law’s house therefore they can pick him up from there. He told his parents everything about his abduction and had a hard time being calm. Later his mother told in the interview that after the abduction her son was in so much shock, had a really hard time staying calm, he was very much terrified which lead him to have nightmares. 

All above written are taken from this short video which we tried to illustrate what Sumbee's father and his co-worker talking about HIS SECOND ATTACK on Uncensored Talk show, C1 TV, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
All sources credited to Uncensored Talk TV show.

He sent an email to his Snow leopard foundation director Bayarjargal.A regarding his abduction. The content of the email is illustrated below with picture of his email.

From: Mr.Sumbee
Date: Thursday, January 08, 2015 3:08 PM
To: Bayarjargal Agvaantseren
Subject: Sumbee

How do you do director Bayarjargal?
How is everything? What’s new at work?
I would like to tell you a something really important and a request for some day-offs. I hope you understand my situation. I think it even concerns my live in danger.
On Monday evening, I was abducted by 2 anonymous men with black cars, and they took me somewhere I don’t know, somewhere far from the city. After that they kept me for an hour or two in some place with lot of noises. During that time, those 2 abductors started to threaten me, saying something like “You think you are the shit, but you are nobody, because we are THE PEOPLE in the city, we are people who controls everything, you can’t do anything. We will show you who we are and so on.” I was so scared and terrified that I did not know what was happening and did not resist them much. Since I was not resisting them, they stopped and I heard that one person was on the phone with someone else, and little later they put me in the car again and went back to the city, and they told me that “Run, and never look back.” I was in so much shock that I wanted to run away from them as far as I can. Now I think back, I think they dropped me around Urt-Tsagaan Street. Well briefly, this is what happened, and on Tuesday evening I went straight back to Murun, Huwsgul province to my family. Therefore, I would like to stay with my parents for a while, just in case. But, please don’t tell anybody that I went back home Huwsgul. I think it’s better to kept quiet my where about, except Puujee sister. I think those abductors found out that I’m in the city from my Facebook. And I have some suspicion that those abductors are people from some mining company.
Thus, I would like to stay with my family and would you mind giving me excuse for some day-offs please?

Lkhagvasumberel.L (Sumbe)

After Sumbee's email regarding his abduction, Director of SLCF, sent an official letter to the Police Department of Sukhbaatar District. Unfortunately, police department revoked her request to further investigate Sumbee's abduction case stating "Police department will not further pursue this case, because of lack of support and evidence." In this video, it show the official released statement from Police Department of Sukhbaatar District. 


April 30th, it was the day he was scheduled to come to the city for his work report. But he remembered that he left his journal notes back in the mountain at his observation location and he told his driver, wanted to go back and bring it with him and instructed his driver that call his supervisor let her know that he is coming and asking to prepare a ride to the city for him.  He went back to his work site riding his motorcycle.
While he was coming down from the mountain cliff road which he created, locally named Huren Dawaa, At the egde of Tost Mountain, where is so hard to drive  with motorcycle, he got attacked by 2 masked men. It seemed like they were waiting for him to come down from the mountain through that cliff, where they hit him so hard from his sides. He immediately thought that he must not slow down otherwise he will be in dangerous situation, so he tried his best to stay on his motorcycle as much as he can and was able to run away from those masked men. Since he was in such a panic mode, he didn't feel anything, but little later he felt very uncomfortable and checked himself and found out that he had been stabbed by his abdominal area twice. He finally made it to home his co-workers where waiting for him. Luckily at that time, they found out that emergency helicopter was available therefore they were able to take him to the city as soon as possible.

He had so much internal bleeding which caused him to delay his surgery for a day after he arrived at the hospital. His mother rushed to his side to the hospital. The doctors stated that he had stabbed by right and left side of his abdominal area 4.5cm (1.77 inch) and 3.5cm (1.37 inches) deep cut. At that time him and his family were sure that all those attack had been connected somehow and their suspicion further verified, and his family wanted him to be come back home for some time. Moreover, he had surgeries and need some recovery time, they thought it's best for him to come home.  

All above written are taken from this short video which we tried to illustrate what Sumbee's father and his co-worker talking about HIS THIRD ATTACK on Uncensored Talk show, C1 TV, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
All sources credited to Uncensored Talk TV show.


Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ T.Lkhagvasumberel, 27, a biologist of the Snow Leopard Trust and a preservationist, was found dead on November 9 from Khovsgol Lake. He had been reported missing after he had disappeared from outside his home in Ulaanbaatar on November 5. 
His family and friends have been informing that late Lkhagvasumberel had been attacked several times by a group of strangers. His murder is being investigated at the moment. T.Lkhagvasumberel started working with the Snow Leopard Trust team since 2010 and had become a treasured member of the expeditions on snow leopards in Omnogovi aimag. "He climbed the mountains like an ibex. He ran on steep slopes where most of us would barely manage to crawl. He cared for snow leopards and ibexes as if they were his own. He helped his colleagues and communities selflessly. He was a young promising researcher who hailed from the water-rich Khuvsgul province, but had taken to the arid Gobi desert as his second home. He was our treasured Mountain Climbing Machine. We had never imagined we would need to use past tense while describing Lkhagvasumberel Tumursukh, fondly known as Sumbe," The Snow Leopard Trust wrote.

 Sumbee had always been fighting to stop the gold mining operations in Tosonbumba Mountains in Omnogovi (South Gobi) aimag and to protect the leopards that inhabite the are

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